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Welcome to The Bitter Roots Lyrics page.

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From the Album Waning Days

Informed Consent
Some People always get lost on the subtleties,
In the comfort of their house.
Where you can still a TV flickering there,
Coiled and Poised and its Ready to pounce.

But if I could I would I,
How woud I just step off.
Climb that latter, climb now,
Try to climb your way back out.

If he could, might he have something to say.
If he could, would he just walk away.

But you never forgive.
You never forget.
Look to the future, with no regrets.
Lest you always relive, and always look back.
You keep an eye on the present for Informed Consent.

Well I can still see him struggling there,
carrying around loose pills in a tote.
He'd be better off to just leave that all behind,
I can see that he is ready to jump.

all she wanted was Informed Consent.
all she needed was a little bit of Informed Consent.

Just one more deception before we fall asleep,
Told by a man who tells to many jokes. Hey hey hey.
Well they got your number buddy, you are on fire.
Torched by a mob of the Women you soaked.

I am Nobody
Step Back assume position.
A nervous bell at the ball.
With an angry second dimension.
You know, you once had it all.

But now you're nobody.
You have no particular proclivities,
For living strong or living free.
You're just another Joe average trajedy.

No time for supersistion.
it's written right on the wall. Red Rum.
Partaking recreations,
Just like everyone else at the mall.

But now you're nobody.
Two bit comedic delivery.
A member of the pee-on scree.
You're never quite sure who you're supposed to be.

And If I was to walk outside and try to find.
I'd look back the way I came with deeper thinking.

Forsake the Benedicition,
a nervous try for your soul.
In a world of helpless addictions,
You sold your world for some Salt.

But now you're nobody.
Hickory smoked canine treat.
Remember not to pee on me,
When You're never quite sure who you're supposed to be.

Arms Open Wide
Feed my child, he says you are his friend.
Feed my pride, and I will begin again.
Everytime I see you, you're coming down on me.
Every time I need you, you just walk away.

So take my hand.
It open just for you.
and give me some of your love It's a feeling it's just like,
It's a feeling it's all brand new.
It's a feeling that just like,
The stars and the sun and the moon I can see in your eyes It's pretty and poppy and bubbly, oh baby why don't you try.

Everyone wants a piece, so take another pound of flesh.
In your search for release, you'll find there is nothing left.
In your swarm of sorrow, so blind that you can't see,
That in the depths of your heart, love is all you need.
So show me how you do it alone.
Give me some of your love.

Cuddly Cats
Dear irony,
I think your scene played out,
Somewhere back in two aught three.
Cause what are you like,
the sixth wave of teenage angst with not much to say.

Singing about all your money doesn't make you a real artist.
When nothing gets more page views than a couple of Cuddly Cats.
It's all who you know, it's mountains of blow.
Backrubs for posers pulling rock star wicks.

I think we have entered some kind of brave new world.
Think of all the lies we can tell.
I think its got a little bit more to do with class,
You know, like these little rich men thinking with the wrong head.

You complain, so I refrain,
Still you using the same old tricks.
It's all who you know, its quid pro quo.
Backrubs for losers shaking rock star hips.

Singing about all your money don't make you a real artist.
When nothing gets more page views than a really nice set of lips.
Its all bought and sold, botox and silicone.
Brass rings for posers to bow and kiss.

Can't Fight the Crazy
One more time around the sun,
I must be crazy to try again.
I hope I don't get burned.
Can't fight the crazy in your words,
So step back now bother man.
Show me what it's worth.

Yeah it'll be long long time,
Before I'm missing you.
Not Missing you,
I'm not missing you.
Not missing you.

So you want me to walk a line,
Show you that I'm clear of mind.
Empty hand on a broken heart.
No I won't acquiesce, the answer has always been yes,
You've known it from the start.

Yeah it'll be a long long time, before I'm missing you,
I've got better things to do.
That's why I wrote this song.
It was my wicked plan all along.
I'm the evil master mind, plotting to destroy all my kind.
I'm going to take them out one by one, Make sure they have no fun.

In an empty state of mind,
It sure feels like I have been left behind.
Toil and Troil and bubble and boom.

Yeah it'll be a long long time before I am missing you.

Mother and Child
So you say you wanna have a child,
Arms open wide with a bright smile.
Golden hair bouncing in the summer sun,
Come on little baby let's have some fun.

You're here today, you're here to stay,
In my heart forever more, this Mother and Child.

I've been working seven thirty to six,
Wishing we were together, wishing I was rich.
Tell you exactly what we ought to do,
We'll all run away just me our baby and you.

We'd be here today, then gone away,
We'd be free forevermore, we'd be running wild.
This mother and child We'd be running wild.

The Quiet and Still
He's rolling forty pounds of dough.
He's got a long way to go, to get onto the end of the night.
Staring at the base of Hill, with all that nineties cookie cutter Infilled,
With the fanilies that came after mine.

If I had to would I go back.
Would it really be that bad.
I'd be safe under the bubble tonight.
We could buy a big house on the hill,
Above all the Quiet and Still.
Oh yes, I think I've lived on a view way before.

I'd drive around in my little car.
You know I wouldn't get very far,
Without wanting to hear a new song on the radio.
Fire's early again this year, cold smoke hanging in the air,
In front of that old Red's noon sun.

If I had to would I go back.
Really would it be that bad.
Oh yes I'd be safe under the bubble tonight.
We could open our little store, sell crystal cats and more.
Tik-tok baby, time's moving faster than before.

A Pair of Coals
To believe in Love,
It's the hardest part of being alive.
To believe in love,
It takes two souls, it takes time.

All for a air coals.
Man I really think thats solid gold.
Recognizing the ones that we love so dear.
There's no fear when you're falling in love.

Together forever on my mind.
On and On till the end of time.

From the Album Noise Vibrations and Fumes

Fast and Slow
A little light in the darkness.
Wide awake I'm troubled.
Morning has come too fast.
I used to sleep better,
But anymore its just a few short hours.

But am I so insane,
Never sleep again.
Why can't I stop the time from moving.
Thinking about this or that,
Dunno where my mind is at.
Whats the difference,
Just a few more minutes.

A few more minutes

Well I'm drowning in my fate.
Thinking of all the ways that,
I Could have done things right.
But what's the point anymore,
Thinking in those old ways Now.
I'm moving toward the light.

But isn't it so mundane,
When we're spinning 'round the drain.
Why can't I stop my mind from racing.
Good night its over now.
The voices don't seem so loud.
When I just concentrate on nothing.

On nothing.

Fast and Slow,
Into the unknown now.
It makes no difference to me.
'Cause I keep holding on to,
The simple fact that no one can,
Take away your dreams.

Fast and Slow

Too Many Freds
Bold laughter calls,
In a voice that's so loud.
Saying speak to me,
As if you were my friend.

Seventy-five years old,
The weather is feeling cold.
It's time to go outside,
And Smoke in my chair.

I didnt know,
You thought it was me that night.
Yelling screaming 'bout your little girl.
Oh Fred I swear it wasn't me,
It was the Campbells Soup Kid,
Driving in Becky the Bean.

Whoever thought it would be so hard,
To step forward and remember your part.
Nowhere to go, not much to say.
If we could all just rise on up,
Just for the day.

Do you really know the time,
To say the things, burried in your mind.
Then one day its just too late.
You close your eyes, just as I start to say.

Oh No, you've got to get home, home.

Amends need not be late.
All those things that led us astray,
Are just silly things,
That need no care.
I will hold your hand,
I'll be here till the very end.
And When you open your eyes,
I will be right here.

Right Here.

Call it a bleeding phase.
Well now you know.
You're no one's fave,
And lying won't make it so.
You're in outer space,
Without a sound.
Face to face with,
The only truth around.

Falling faster won't you try to save me?
I'll beg you to forgive it all.
Could I be the only one,
That feels so low,

There's a time and place,
So keep your head down.
Such and honest face,
Always smile and never a frown.
With the frantic pace,
You think you're a star,
Well act your age,
you won't go far.

Well hush you're not alone.
You know you never really been far from home.
You've always kind of sung in a way,
That's out of style with times of the day.

Habemus Papam
Don't you recognize me,
I'm the imbicile.
Try not to fall asleep,
When we're right in the middle.
You can't hypnotize me.
'Cause Im invincible.
What little did you know,
I was on to you.

And I've given all I can.
I held out the helping hand.
Trying harder just to land soflty.
On the list to exclude, faithless and untrue.
It doesn't matter what you say now.

Get down on your knees.
Put your hands together and Pray.
Tell me, what are you after,
'Cause all I hear is laughter fade.

Laughter Fades.

Don't antagonize me,
I'm not a hypocrite,
Come on shake my hand.
This is ridiculous.
You don't save every soul,
So cold in the air.
Just your frailties calling,
Catching you unaware.

And its so easy for you to choose.
'Cause all favors are coming due.
Turn around and walk away now.
So easy for you to ignore.
'Cause being human is sush a chore.
It's up to you now,
Don't you burn me down.

Picked you up out of the streets,
I made you.
There's nothing left for you to go home to no,
You never would have made it alone.
All those crazy times that I saved you.
And all that pain that you should have just prayed through.
No, You're better off not being alone.

Keep Thinking I'm master mind of woe,
But its not like I am here all alone.
Keep breathing and dont forget to smile.
Don't stare or they'll know you are high.
Hard to believe you are the only one who knows,
You never let another person inside.
Quick to point out your only fatal mistake,
Those words will pay a terrible price.

Put yourself in that familiar play scene.
A TV dinner that plays out in three scenes.
Yeah, starring you and everyone you know.
Well breathe easy its almost over,
Be strong now be my little soldier,
No, you never would have made it alone.

Keep dreaming and one day it will all come true.
Everything you ever wanted and more.
Close tight around the only thing you know,
There's no need to go out with a fight.
Keep blaming everyone except yourself,
Do you really think, think you just might.
Stop acting like you are the only one who knows,
You're the only one who sees the light.

Do you see the light?

You know it makes you happy,
When you hear a new song.
One that makes you feel,
Like you want to sing along.

Just Like, cherry kisses on a harvest moon.
One look from your lover shows the heart of a fool.
You say you can't make it just one more day,
But you know, it will be alright.
The end in sight.
There's no need to fright,
No Way.

Wondering, if I'll ever see the day.
You know, I been struggling,
Trying to find some new place to play,
Been awhile, since I run with a crowd you know,
But I dont mind,
I guess I am too damn proud
So if you want to come along, please do.
All I ever wanted was to,
Write a pretty song for you.
Quiet your mind,
And focus your heart.
Make the time, go by slow.
Don't you mind, now,
What the other people say.
You're going to be a big star.
Happen any day.

Dairy Queen
What is your name?
What's in you face I see you.
Don't be afraid,
The good lord knows that I adore you.
What's in your eyes?
You're staring at the gound,
But you know I see you.
Don't be ashamed,
Past lives sometimes can confuse you.

Well I'm very sorry dear,
But I think I'm going to ask you to leave.
These advances on my person,
I find so inapropriately.


Could you be the one?
Why, don't we just wait for the son.
(Waiting for the son)
Hey I think I see the parade.
(Naked in the rain)
And I would give up all of that for you.

Where did we meet?
Well in that moment,
I knew we'd met before.
Don't walk away,
Just give me a minute,
And I'll remember when,
We were never apart,
just patiently waiting to connect again,
And now he we are.
Eye to eye and we are looking deep within.

I am very sorry dear,
But I think your delusions are grand.
It's back to the drawing board,
You're going to need yourself a new plan.

Come on everybody,
Pile into the Bullet, lets go.
Keep your hand to yourself sir,
You know I'm not ready to show.

Simpe Things
All my friend's folks are dying,
But can't seem to set myself to crying lord.
All those tears long ago gone dry.
Miss my Mom and my Big Fred too.
So few you know what you really go through.
You tend to keep it all inside.

All those unanswered questions,
That are floating in your mind.
The consequences of just running out of time.
Oh how I wish there was,
A better way to die.
High, High.

How do we get from here to there?
You live for every day.
And if you know when the end will come,
I wish you wouldn't say.

I really wish you woudn't say.

Why the hell didn't you say so.
Didn't you think that I would surely know.
Waiting right here to let you all inside.
We can talk slow try to let go,
Of all those crazy things we've come to know.
The little things we hide inside.

And all those unresolved,
Feelings that we hide.
Consequences of just,
Never having the time.
Oh how I wish there was,
A better way to die,
High, High.

Do you know how much,
Love you will find dear,
Waiting in the wings,
And all we need to start it off again is,
Simple words and simple things,
I really wish you wouldn't say.

Those simple things.

Butterfly Baby
He's the Butterfly Baby,
He loves those butterflies.

I can see him laughing,
Jumping high in the air.
Reaching for those butterflies now,
Without a care.
Oh, and they don't care.
Because they know that they'll never be caught,
By the, he's the Butterfly Baby,
He loves those butterflies.

You can see him sparkle,
He's got diamonds in his eyes.
Looking at the great big world,
with such curious surprise.
Oh but you dont care.
Because you know that your heart has been caught,
By the, he's the Butterfly Baby,
He loves those butterflies.

Diamonds in his eyes.
Reaching for the sky.
Tears of joy in my eyes.
Laughing, what a smile.

Nice Smile.

Paper World
Well look at all the funny faces,
Staring at your walls.
With the look of abscent invaded,
Like there is nothing there at all.

Laugh Out Loud.

Whats on you wall,
Is it nothing like you've ever really seen before.
At twelve years old,
And there's nothing they haven't seen,
Telve times a bore.

Look at all you ones and zeros,
Flying before my eyes.
Little fear, no emotion,
Bitterness is no surprise.

I'll take my Paper World,
'Cause it's nothing like,
You ever really seen before.
I'll put on your wall,
'Cause it looks like something,
Staight out of '94.

I can see so many times and places,
Written down where you'll never see.
And anyway whats the difference,
Let history repeat.

The Precious
So Inviting so obtuse,
The famous crowd's out on the town,
And they're getting loose.
All those parasites with flashing lights,
Hoping her dress is on too tight,
(You know the one)
Accentuating the reasons that anybody even cares.

When that nipple slips you know,
Those numbers add up fast.
Because in this world,
There will always be cash for splash.
You know you cannot turn away.
Sinking deeper everyday.

(Just like you are supposed to)

Feeling alive, well now is the time,
To make it big, before those big check bounce.
You bought the world for a song, but you knew all along,
That the vig would due and you'd be all through.
But you didn't care, you threw your hands in the air,
You went quietly, to the drink.
You'd have to wonder what they'd say about you.
Have to wonder what they'd thought all along.
Have to know who would share the blame.
Well if I had to guess, it was no one no more no less,
Than you, always you.

I should have known, the seeds were already sewn,
Just waiting for me, to show a little nobility.
So twist the knife in, one more time my old friend,
You've got the OK to kiss the brass ring today.

You'd have to wonder what they'd say about you.
Have to wonder what they'd thought all along.
Have to know who would wear the shame.
Well if I had to guess, it was no one no more no less,
Than you, always you.

From the Album Chiaroscuro

For King and Country
Well Don't Collapse now
The World is not ending
Don't you be afraid of the rhythm sending.

Sending you straight back home.

Five long years now
Life in the Gutter
All you left behind was your Children's Mother.

Well whats the plan when they come back broken in threes?

You serve For King and Country
You give your Life
All that is left behind is a lonely woman and child.
If you were to ask me just what I would say
You've got to stay strong you've got to to fight on
You've got to hope for better days

It makes me shiver,
Are we the winner
Well what's the purpose,
To make them serve us?

Well whats the plan when they come back broken in threes?

Christmas Song
Merry Christmas my friend
How does it feel
Third time stuck in the desert
Third time in as many years
Has it all been worth it
Did we come from on high
Why do you sit there in that hell
Left there to wonder why

So full of faith
So sure are we
We were to decide the righteous and the holy
Tortured by the sun
Burn me down
I don't belong here
So take me from this ground

Sofly now
Speak to me
Your voice is all I wan to hear
For crying out loud
It's the middle of the night
The sounds of death that fill the air

Red Dawn Sun
Starts the Day
Blood has been spilled on this night
In the usual ways
How many more do we have to kill
To win the hearts and minds
Make them swallow our bitter pill

So full of shit
Liars are we
Twelve years of war and still there is no peace
Drones in the sky rain death and pain
Turn and walk away
Hang our heads in shame

Soldier on
Soldier On, until the forces of evil have fallen
You decide the good from the bad, take everything we ever had
Drop your bombs, till there's no more left to build
Do you think you can kill them all, when will your house of cards fall
But you won't change a single mind, you don't know what the hell you're doing
I think your in love with yourself, with yourself and nobody else
Leave Nothing behind, bring it home flush it down the sewer

Save me, sacrifice
Bait me, all my life
Desparately, out of spite
Maybe, I was right

Sew the seeds, sew the seeds of death and destruction
Straif the party with and AC-one-three, cut 'em down while they're having tea
Rise again from the ashes you conceive
Like the phoenix you will rise once more, better than before lets burn one more
Always the nihilst mind, obsessed with Authority
I think you're in love with yourself, with yourself and nobody else
You're patient, you take you time
You watch the kill on the circuit TV

Drop the key, into a different place all together
Try to keep from falling down, try not to look like a clown
Play along, until there is nothing left to sing
Play it till your ears start to bleed, you know its everything you ever need
Always the childish mind, obsessed with hypocrisy
Play it till you are old and you're sore, play it till the day that you are no more
Rejoyce, you have all been saved by song

More Pretty
Falling on your face just to get a look
Can't concentrate you never read a book
Living one big mysterious lie
Flying in outer space, its all those drugs you took
Crossing your legs just to give a look
Of your sweet and sugared prize

So you think she'll look more pretty this time
In her dreams she's left alone
So you think she will will look more pretty this time
Less meat, more skin on the bone

So you think that you are somehow better than me
Cause you dance with the girls at the pretty parties
I can do that, I can do all that and more
You know, talking to you is just a god awful bore

Full of disgrace, it's your mother's fault
Just not true all those things you were taught
It's enough to drive you right out of your mind
Feeling out of place, all your friends forsook
Long in the face is not a real good look
One more pill and then it's back to smiles

So you think she'll look more pretty this time
Because in her dreams she's left alone
So you think she will will look more pretty this time
Less meat, more skin on the bone

So you think that life will come easliy
It's all who you know, it's misery
I can feel that, I can feel all that and more
You know, talking to you is just a god awful bore

Huguette Butte America
I was feeling sentimental and a bit delirious, I didnt know what to say
So I looked up and old friend's phone number and I called him right away
He said there is nothing left in Butte but that stupid mine
I see the birds fall dead from the sky when I drive by
The pit has filled up into a poison lake, I don't think yet they have corrected the mistake

But you know it will be alright
You know it will be OK
Mary of the Rockies smiling down on me
In beautiful Butte America

Huguette Clark
Her fortune loaned
On Central Park
She dined alone

There used to be a place with amusement rides
The carousel always made the kids smile
But then the king said there is copper here too
So they dug another hole and the party was through

Huguette Clark
A horse drawn herse
A mountain of slag
A river cursed
Huguette Clark
Her fortune safe
She dined alone
A life disdained

Bottles, empty bottles
Alone in the cupboards hidden well
Among piles, messy piles
Of our best linens we used but twice a year

Well if you want to say goodbye, then please do
After all that you and I, we been through
If you you want to go your own way, then just say
I know it's your birthday but I am leaving anyway
There is no time, for you my old friend

Denial, angry denial
Of what was so plain to see
Boxes of bottles, pretty green bottles
Sitting on the kitchen family table

From the beginning
Let me take you back to where it all began
Take off your clothes my dear
Show me the body you promised to me
For the first time I am as nervous as you are

Our bodies so entwined, floating out of time oh
How can this be real, all these things I feel are so

What is the price for your pleasure to night
Everlasting love without sickness fear or spite
Take me in your hand and guide me to
The place where you want to feel my love for you

Combining our two souls never growing old
So much for me to tell, feeling overwhelmed

Pressed against you skin, feeling deep within
Our bodies so entwined, floating out of time
Levitate above the ground, your breath and mine is the only sound
How can this be real, all these things I feel are so

Gilded Cage
Living in a Gilded Cage
Blinded by my rage
Living for the day
Do everything my way

So won't you sing to me
Won't you sing to me
A sweet song about
Our little autum spell
Would you guide the way
If we left today
And we'd roust about
In our little autum spell

Say what you mean
Do what you say now
Never mind that cause you know I was just thinking aloud
Well I'll take mine and you take yours no
forget about that cause you know you never make it alone

Silence comes over me
Blind I cannot see
Trying to remember the dream
Showed me I am supposed to be

Family Ties
Play the Part
Don't you fall to far
Be the son I need you to be
Precariously on the edge of insanity
We rise and fall, as one

And you have seen the trouble come
And you have been away for so long
Did you ever stop and wonder why

You could have said anything
So many things come to mind
But you went and said that
With a heart as cold as ice

Sins of the mother spoil the child
Make no mistake and don't you cry
Live the life I need you to live
Tooth of the world bite the babe
Hush don't you deny that there is a snake
Leading you astray from who you are

Be still your heart
A life cut so short
Now another hollow empty soul
Joyously, on the brink of finality
You have come and gone, alone

Prophets and Saviors
She says she is high on Jesus
Says that I can still be saved
I tell her I don't smoke that dust no
She is most likely depraved
What is so interesting about a father a son and a ghost
These are things best not talked about in the company of the ones you love most

Hosanna, Hosanna, who the hell is Hosanna
Why do you keep singing her name
Jesus the savior, Mohammed the prophet
Well I think that they are both the same

So she gets absolutely pissed off
Says jesus died for you you
Oh no he did not
I tell her I think that is offensive
And I curse here in old Hebrew
Well why don't we wax poetic, about the plight of old Palestine
While the world turns a covenient blind eye and Isreali bulldozers grind

Well what is so just and pious about killing children in the street
Who's only real crime in this short life was going to market for something to eat
So why do you walk around that black rock
Seven times in the desert sun
Do you think that you will really be saved while the devil is on the run
I think it is all quite lame
I think they are both the same
I think you are all insane

Me and You
words by Jeff and Mike Ski

Feed my child, he says you are his friend.
Feed My pride, and I will be begin again.

Every time I see you, you're coming down on me.
Every time I need you, you just walk away.

So take my hand, its open just for you.
Give Me some, of your love.

Feeling just like, feeling jsut like you ya know.
Sorrow, feels like you do.

Everyone wants a piece, so take another poud of flesh.
In your search for release, you'll find there is nothing left

In your swarm of sorrow, so blind that you can't see,
That in the depths of your heart, death is all you feel.

So show me how, you do it alone.
Give me some, of your soul.

Free your Mind, i'll open it just for you.
Stare into my eyes, I'm looking down on a fool.

Every time I see you, you're nowhere to be seen.
Every time I need you, you just walk away.

So take my hand, i'll open it just for you.
I'll give you some, of my soul.

Shepherd's Pie
The Liars they're trying,
but their eyes are denying,
they don't think that we know their ways.
Well if I did now I wouldn't tell you,
'cause it's not sound advice anyway.

But hey don't you worry,
it will all trickle down.
From the crocodile tears
of these sick clowns.

300 for 30 well that's filthy dirty,
it's not a good deal for you or me.
Well I wouldn't know cause I'm not a rich man,
but that's not the point anyway.

You'll get what you get
and that's just what they'll give you,
you just must have faith can't you see.
If you don't like it,
well that's just too bad,
you can always play the lottery.

From the Album Moral Hazard

Separate Boxes
Keep it in separate boxes in your mind.
The only way that you know how to deal with your life.
Well now you can't.
Now you are so confused,
About who said what and where was I what's it to you.

I have seen the light. In so many ways. And I'll call you the friend that I thought you to be no more. No more.
I have seen the truth. Its not in you. I will wait at home alone by the phone for you, No more. No more.

Tune into too many channels its all the same.
Do you ever get tired of playing your game.
Well it's a new day,
First and honored son.
It's a new day
Mother you have won.

The Big Black
I reach down and feel that aching in my chest.
I know it's the one that is going to put me to an early rest.
Should I just lay right down here and die.
Oh mother take me, before I start to cry

You know I
I don't remember the last time I died for you.
I don't remember the last time I saw your face.
I don't remember the last time you cried.
Because even in my sleep you die alone.

Big Black rain cloud coming out of the west.
I know it is the one that is going to put me to the test.
Should I just turn around and head back for home.
Or Should I just keep on rolling on and on and on and on.

Wonder no more no more. Wonder no more more. We're Falling.
You've got your finger on the trigger, And your foot's out the door. These people pushing you, you won't take anymore. You're falling.
Cause that's the way we do it a big country Solve our problems down the barrel of our guns, We're falling.

You don't even have to wonder why. Let me tell you one big lie. Such a brief history For everyone except you and me, We're falling, falling…. Well, you've got to have your god and you've got to have your guns
You have got to believe the enemy is living in the slums you're falling.
You pick up those pieces and you can't put them down, thinks its going to make you the big man around town, you're falling.
Because that is the way we do it in a big city, I shoot at you and you shoot at me, we're falling.

He walks in and she walks out. There's nothing left to talk about, it was over, before it began.
She's buying clothes and fancy shoes while he's thinking about it, thinking what to do, it was over before it began.

Victim. Why do you have to be that way.
Victim. Don't want to ride your wave now.
Victim. Don't want to live like that.
Victim. Don't care about your kiss tats no.

Well here you are you've some so far, never one to dress up like a rock star. You've got it made, by the look on your face.
You've got yourself a girl with long brown curls, living on the other side of the world you just got laid, in the shade.

Old Souls
Long gone days of time gone by, happiness never alone. Places and thoughts that fill my mind, from so long ago.
The sun is coming up over the trees, I can see her eyes. Intoxications filtered by these should come as no surprise.

Save those curses for our past lives. Forget all your fears drop everything and smile.
So high now its hard to discern, but shouldn't we have taken that last turn.

You have to question your faith, when you think it's too late. I tell you all the time, but all you do is,
Deny me my old friend, deny me, again and again and again and again and again.

I can feel the warmth on my skin, taste the cold in the air. Water that heals the bones within, leads me without a care.
Tall trees they put my mind at ease I can feel those old souls, as they sway and chat and the breeze and tell me of green and gold.

If I ever see you again, it'll be too soon. Packing my bags I'm getting on the plane, enjoing boo hoo hoo hooze.

All she wanted was, for someone to say. Call her clever say she's brilliant, say it every single day.
If he says it again will she believe the lie. He said it so many times he don't even need to try.
So sick of you, yadadada.

You know it now and you knew it then. You know it true hoo hoo. So unfriendly so unpleasant to everyone you knew.

All she wanted was, for someone to say. Call her clever say she's brilliant say it every single day.
If she says it again will she believe her lie. She said it so many times she don't even need to try.
So sick of you, yaddada.

Dear Papa, yes my son. What have I, what have I done.

You killed a man. It was an accident. You didn't understand, the consequences of the gun in your hand.
Didn't know it was loaded. So you lied on the stand for me, for me.

Dear Papa, life has just begun, what have I what I have I done.

It is ended now. Have no exuses. Don't understand how. Oh I think you do.
What will you say, to your mother and father. Gave their lives away, for you, for you.

Caught in a wave that I just can't understand. I remember when you were small you would fit in my hand.
Then you broke into the school and I said so what. Your mother always said you had bad luck. 'O...

What do see Incarcerated. What do you see when the turn out the lights. Is there any hope for redemption son.
Cause it is a long damn day on a pile of rocks, it is a hell of a thing to go get yourself boxed away.

Dear Papa, life has just begun, what have I what I have I done.

Rise & Fall
You say, you want to dominate me. I say well that is alright by me because,
you are you're everything that I always wanted to be. No I don't think so.

Because I stand up and take it. With the rise and fall.
Never get up to fake it. So in love with it all.

I guess you never been alone. Pleasantly stoned. High.
I guess you never felt as free, as free as I can be, so goodbye, goodbye.

I want, I want to dominate you. You say that alright by me because I am,
I am everything that you always wanted to be, no I don't think so.

True Love
Well consequently I yell you she is still in love me.
Got married got a house got a car and a baby well now we're three.
We've been together for such a long time.
I can tell you that you know its real, when you read each other's minds

Its just a question of fate
When it gets into your face
You are going to find out if you're real
Because True Love, you cant steal.

Well incidently I'll tell you she is still in love with me.
She treats me right she's a sight, she is all I ever need.
We've been toegether now for such a long time.
It still amazaes me when she says that she is mine.

Warm With You
Here I sit.
Waiting for the snow to fall.
Will it be the end as they say, of it all.

I know that I'm going to stay right here,
Warm with you.

No use sitting, waiting for the end to come.
Go on forget about it, go on and have some fun.

Don't hide in line Behind those little lies
Cause you know you know You're running out of time
Don't you cry there's no shame Run away bye bye
Cause you know you know Its always on you mind

One day we'll all look back and
Have a laugh
Cause it wasn't really that good you know
But it wasn't that bad

From the Album The Bitter Roots

Fall of the Empire
Kingdom come our empire falls had a great time we lost it all.
We let our fate, be decided by other men.
In our grief we try to see,
We try to hope we try to believe.
But its too late, Yeah yeah.

And if you believe,
Well then God save you.
Well I don't believe,
Any of its true.

Just not true

The ocean comes, our cities fall.
We didn't plan ahead we wanted more, we want it all.
We let our fate, be decided by greedy men.
In our grief we try to swim, we all wash away kingdom for a day.
We let our fate be decided by greedy men.

Lay me down.
I want to sleep now.
Cannot speak, so I cannot say.
How I got here, how I became this way.

Do you want to see man broken in two.
Well here I am
Don't want your sympathy.
No no no.
Can you at least tell me who I am or how I got here.
Would you please look at me.

So you lay me here to die.
Can't even look me in the eye.
Feels just like yesterday.
That's because yesterday is just the same as today.

Mother's Slight Return
My mother covered me in all of her love.
I miss the conversations, I miss her smile.
My mother made so I thought I would cry.
I miss the good times, that I had with my mom

Sincereity, Doesn't mean a whole lot to me.

My mother loved me all the days of her life.
I know she did, she told me all the time.
My mother she just sadly slipped away.
No it wasn't okay, she never said goodbye.

My darling Amy.
Pretty Lady.
So dear to me.
My sweet Amy.

And you say you're in love with me.
Live together happily until the end.
There is no end to you and me.
My sweet Amy.

Liam Baby.
Mean the world to me.
I can't even say.
No words will convey.

And you say.
We will have a baby.
Be together for always until the end.
There is no end to us three.
Liam and Amy.

Suddenly you find yourself alone.
Isn't strange to not have a home.
Because you, you come for a good family.
At least you think so

So messed up inside your brain.
You got a million little me say the same thing.
Where you going and where you been.
Why did you have go do that shit again.

Suddenly you find that you need to score.
You don't care if they call you a whore.
Because you, you come for a good family.
At least you think so

Sobriety Test
Tight lipped walking the line.
Officer do you have the time.
There's someplace that I have to be.
Meeting my love there you see.

Oh please let me Go I won't tell a soul.
Don't throw me in a deep dark hole.

Complicated getting Z to A.
Put that bright light away.
High on love and nothing else.
My little girl's got me under her spell.

She covers me in all her love.
The one for me.
I am the one for her.

Late night, have no time.
Officer to walking your line.
Theres a place I have to be.
See your way clear to let me be.

Complicated you know why.
Never guess who is high.
High on love and nothing else.
Oh baby get me out this hell.

Sorrow Away
Sorrow away.
Sorrow Away.
Not going to be too long.
We're Going to live up for what's done wrong here.
Not going to be too long.
We're Going to live up for what's done wrong here.

Redemption comes my way.
Redemption comes today.
Not going to be too long.
We're Going to live up for what's done wrong here.
Not going to be too long.
We're Going to live up for what's done wrong here.

What am I supposed to say.
Didn't think we would end up this way.
All these thoughts in my head.
Let me know that we are dead.
What am I supposed to say.
When you tell me that you are gay.
You're kissing that girl so tenderly.
Is she more man than me.

Oh I'll miss you tonight.
When you're holding here tight.
We were living a lie

What am I supposed to do.
When you say that we are through.
Since the first time you saw her eyes.
Honey I'm home I've got a surprise.
What am I supposed to do.
Can't bring myself to look at you.
All these thoughts in my head.
Make me know that I have been misled.

What was and What Could Be
Come to me, let me see you with my own eyes.
Come to me, well isn't this a nice surprise.
Come to me, let me tell you what went wrong.
Come to me, let me hold you in my arms.

Still remember what you said.
That day you left.
Words still ringing in my head.
You told me dad was dead.

How long has it been.
My dear old friend.
Words still ringing in my head.
You told me dad was dead.